Clarise Patison

Clarise is a trained youth worker, Town Councillor, Charity Trustee and all long before the age of 25.

Originally involved in the pilot of Local Heroes as a youth worker, she played a key part in creating the of the films that sit at the heart of Local Heroes and created the workshops programme. She beacame a Trustee as;

*“Local Heroes captured my imagination, I fell in love with the project and the cause. I try to dedicate a large proportion of my time to making a difference for people and in 2011 took the decision to stand as an independent Town Councillor in my home town, Dawlish. When I was elected I was the youngest person in Devon to have been elected. I felt this was an opportunity to inspire other young people whilst making a difference to my community. I am also a trustee for my families charity ‘The Snooky Trust’ it’s a great honor to be a trustee for a charity that was set up by my mother in memory of her brother.

Local Heroes sits very close to my heart. As a teenager I didn’t know what my rights were in relation to hate crime and experienced a lot of it as a mixed raced female living a predominantly ‘white’ area of Devon.”*

Clarise currently works for Young Devon on various projects with young people across the county.