Sarah Pearson

I grew up with what I thought was a dodgy left side, I was bullied at secondary school, tried to hide my left hand, found study difficult and flunked! Only after managing to get a job did I realise I wanted to do more, so I put myself through an access course and secured a place at University. I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with Remploy spending much of my time supporting individuals and employers to sustain work after and during injury, illness or disability.

In recent years I challenged myself to some sporting events for charity and fell into thinking about completing a triathlon. I figured my left side ‘dodginess’ might give me a problem and a call to British Triathlon scooped me up into Paratriathlon and the realisation I have Cerebral Palsy. I have completed a number of triathlons with the GB Paratriathlon squad and as a burgeoning para sport it is taking off fast. In a small classification I have medaled and am hoping to gain a place at the World Championships in Edmonton Canada later this year.

I have spent the last 8 years living in Devon and bringing up my family here. Being part of the local community is what I enjoy because there are many different people with interesting life stories. Enabling children to acknowledge each person as an individual and enjoy the differences between those individuals is what starts to remove intolerance.

What’s great about the way Local Heros is challenging intolerance and promoting diversity is hopefully by showing that personal success is something that every individual can achieve but more importantly that nobody should be prev ented from achieving their full potential no matter who they are or what that potential is.