Sachar Head

Newton Abbot’s international powerlifter Sachar Head is the latest young sports star to join the ranks of Local Heroes. So why has Sachar (pronounced more like Sha-ha) joined the ranks? She says:

“I believe it is important to celebrate diversity within everyday life. It shouldn’t matter who we are, what we look like or where we come from. I am so proud to support this great charity and I hope to be able to inspire the next generation and share my own experiences and barriers I have faced within my Powerlifting ‘career’. Local heroes and the road shows run are a great way to help people build an intolerance to hate crimes and to show that it is ok to talk about it and report it if you see it happening. Its great that it comes and is delivered in the form of real life experiences.”

Local Heroes is thrilled that Sachar has joined the growing band of people all committed to call time out on hate crime.