Robin Williams

I am 25 years old, and have been a member of the England blind football team since April 2009. After missing out on the European Championships that year, I was selected to represent England in the 2010 World Championships, in which we finished 4th. I broke in to the starting line up for the first time at the 2011 European Championships, and was proud to represent Great Britain at the London Paralympics last year. I have won 40 caps and scored 2 goals, a tally I hope to add to significantly in the coming years! We are currently building up to the European Championships which are to be held in June this year, with the recent addition of full time funding to our sport we are hoping for some good results in the run up to, and including, the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

Local Heroes is an exciting initiative that aims to challenge myths and incorrect perceptions of a wide variety of topics. As a person from a minority group (a person with a disability), I can associate with some of the challenges that such perceptions create. I hope that the Local Heroes initiative will make a contribution towards demystifying some issues surrounding minority groups, which will be of benefit to future generations. I am proud to be a Local Heroes ambassador, as such work lies close to my heart.

The world always has, and always will be a diverse mixture of people, without diversity the world simply would not function as we know it today. Tolerance and understanding of different cultures is paramount to a successful society, being different’ from somebody does not make you better’ or `worse’.