How does Local Heroes work?

Every neighbourhood across the country is home to some incredibly successful and influential people; sportsmen and women, musicians, actors, explorers…….. As our Local Heroes Ambassadors they will be working with our team to help young people:

  • Appreciate and respect that, in our communities, there are similarities as well as differences between people of different race, religion, culture, ability or disability, gender, age or sexual orientation.
  • Understand that all forms of prejudice and discrimination must be challenged at every level in our lives.
  • Recognise that the way in which personal qualities, attitudes, skills and achievements are evaluated affects confidence and self-esteem and how important this is when developing healthy lifestyles and relationships.
  • Understand that people have multiple roles and responsibilities in society and that making positive relationships and contributing to groups, teams and communities is important.
  • Develop the confidence to try new ideas and face challenges safely, individually and in groups.
  • Promote the values of honesty, fairness and respect.

This will be done through workshops delivered by our Local Heroes; the celebrities and non-celebrities involved in this project that can truly inspire young people.

The students that attend will become Local Heroes “ambassadors” for their own school and, with the support of the Local Heroes’ team and their school’s staff, help spread the message and learning through their key stage peers. Each school that commits to Local Heroes will receive access to the videos and resources used in the seminar so that Local Heroes’ influence will spread across hundreds, maybe thousands, of young people in every region it works in.